Microsoft Access and SQL Server Programming

Microsoft Access and SQL Server provide a stable framework for building great Desktop applications.

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Microsoft Access UI Front-End

Microsoft Access makes a great user interface (UI) for many applications.  We have written many applications where Access is the desktop application that allows users to update their SQL Server backoffice database which then feeds their website application.   Using Access, SQL Server and the latest website project  application development tools found in Visual Studio,  We can provide both your internal office management system and your public facing website quickly and efficiently.

Get more from your Systems

Whether you have an existing Access application or need a new custom application, we can help you get the data you need.  Business managers almost always need more from their systems than the system currently provides. Procedures to import and export data to and from other systems such as a website, contact manager, email marketing system, marketing partners, vendors, etc. are the most requested add-ons that we create.

Website Applications

Today's business model requires most companies to use their website for eCommerce applications.   Sales and support for your customers through a well designed website is extremely important requiring a database backend that is stable, secure and capable of handling the potential load.  We can help you with all 3 aspects of your system.  The public facing website, secure and stable database connection and the in-office desktop application.