Real Estate Sales Management

The real estate sales company keeps track of the seller information, property information, buyers and the commission breakdown. The database is used for listing inventory reports, marketing reports, etc. There is a lot of detail in this system. Clients can request a detailed breakdown of how their property has been marketed. Inquiry calls, showings, open houses, etc. are all recorded to show clients the efforts taken to sell their property quickly. This database integrates into the company website .   

The real estate sales management system that we designed and produced for a real estate broker is the product of several years of development. 

There are several facets of this system.

  • The primary application is the business office system which is where the staff enters the new listings and sold properties and tracks agent sales commissions, referrals, splits and brokerage earnings. It is a very comprehensive back office system for tracking information and reporting. There are several automated functions that reduce staff time and speed up the process.
  • The Office Intranet is an internal website that has many features built for the Agents use. It is also tied into the primary system. The agents use this system to enter property showings for activity reporting, schedule open houses, request graphics, check their email, etc. Information the Agents enter is saved into the primary system for use in reports and updates the website in some cases.
  • The Website is tied into the primary database and thus, the website is automatically updated as new listings, open houses, price changes, etc. and photos are entered into the back office system.
  • The Multiple Listing Service search engine is also tied into the primary system, as well as, tied into the multiple listing service database. Here is where website visitors can search the MLS listings for homes in the desired area and price range. The data and the photos for the MLS are automatically downloaded into their system from MLS.   Office Exclusive listings are automatically uploaded into the MLS search engine and are included in the website search results.

  Real Estate Sales Office Software

  Real Estate Database Integration with Website