Project and Pricing Information


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We create fixed price proposals for most Microsoft Access and Sql Server database projects (using our current $65/hour fee for all activities). Deposits are never required. However our production and billing process is as follows:

1. Initial Consultation and Information Gathering

Either at the initial phone call or in a meeting after you contact us, we have an initial consultation where we discuss the facts about what you need, who’s involved, gather any hard copy or digital information needed to give you a quote or budgeted cost.

2. Prepare Quote and Specification documents (Functional and Technical)

Depending on the size of the project and how well the customer knows what they want the amount of time to create a proposal can vary, but usually is less than a few days. we try to be thorough with our proposal so that both parties understand the scope and challenges that the project involves. 

3. Programming

Based on the requirements layed out in the proposal, we begin building the solution. During the build out you, the client, are responsible for reviewing the screens, and having discussions regarding the processes that the application will accomplish.  There may be some test data required to be entered.  But at all phases of the building of the application, you will be called upon to review the work.  We test our work as we build the solution, so most problems should be resolved before the beta release to you.

4. Billing

As the project progresses, you will see the work performed and the results attained.  We will bill you as we progress thru the project.  Usually this billing is in 25 percent increments or no less than one billing each month.  

5. Final Review

When the application is complete we can have a final review, but typically, you or your staff will have a strong understanding of the application already because of the ongoing reviews during production.   

6. Support

We warranty the application for one year covering undiscovered coding problems, application errors and such things that occur during the programming work.    

7. Changes and Smaller Projects

For changes to an existing project or projects that are ongoing or small in nature, services are provided at a our current $65/hour fee.