Construction and Building Trade School

This is a SQL server database connecting the website and using an Access desktop application for admistration operations.  School administration has special requirements for offering training programs consisting of increasingly advanced classroom instruction. This system has extensive features for rolling students over into the next semester and assigning them to the next class in their training program. The students attendance, grades and progress through their training program is accounted for up to the students graduation and issuance of a certificate of completion.


Desktop Administration

The desktop application contains all of the school administration information for company sponsors, students, courses, sessions,  semester breaks, instructors and other information.  Features of the desktop application include maintaining student information, registering the students in training programs and class sessions.  All of the information required for school administration is contained in and reported from the desktop application.  Information such as attendance, test scores and interim grades can be reported and can be emailed to sponsoring companies.

Tuition and classroom materials can be billed in various methods, invoice, grants, credit card, etc.  These items can even be split between two different paying parties.  There is an export function to the accounting system so that all of the billing and payment information can be quickly imported into the accounting system.  

The desktop application contains extensive reporting and exporting to Excel for staff evaluation and use in other applications.

Integration with Website

The training programs and class session schedule is fully integrated with the school website.  Tuition, books and classroom material charges are posted to the website automatically as they are activated in the application database.       

Students can review their transcripts online, sign up and pay for classes and review the training program requirements.  Company sponsors can sign up their students for regular or private company sponsored classes and pay for the tuition and class material costs online.  Instructors can review their students progress online.  Instructors can post class attendance and test scores on the website.